Simplify access to information

The installation of a Genius controller is always beneficial in terms of allowing farm employees access to information. The key data needed to optimize your farms’ production are all grouped together in the same place. FarmQuest lets you remotely access the information in your Genius controller at all times. The graphs and custom reports generated by FarmQuest are straightforward and easy to understand.

A FarmQuest profile for each team member

The production management software lets you create a custom profile for each team member. This feature allows you to restrict each person’s access to the controller’s parameters. For example, certain information might be visible to but not editable by a farm employee whose access is more restricted than the manager, who will have a full profile allowing him to view the data and make changes to the parameters.

Easily keep suppliers and other stakeholders up to date

The mill, slaughterhouse, veterinarian, and transportation company are all stakeholders who need information from you regularly. By creating specific reports for each one of them, FarmQuest can be used to send updates to your stakeholders, making your operations more efficient. FarmQuest compiles information in a simplified report, which it emails to the desired recipients. Updates can be sent daily or monthly—you decide!

I set up the system to automatically send my mill a daily email with the amount of feed left in my silos. I haven’t run out of feed since!

Sylvain Hébert, co-owner, Ferme G.H. Porcs Inc.