FarmQuest: a user-friendly management platform

Genius and FarmQuest = child’s play!

The easy-to-use Genius touchscreen is intuitive and user-friendly. A single touch allows you to access and edit the data stored in your controller in order to optimize your farms’ performance.

Everything you can do from your Genius controllers, you can do remotely by connecting to FarmQuest from a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Training available

Monitrol technicians offer free training to producers on how to use the FarmQuest platform and the Monitrol controller. FarmQuest’s technical assistance team is also standing by to make your experience easy and enjoyable.

Customize your dashboard

Save your favourites

You can group the key parameters for your farms in your favourites for quick and easy access.

It’s kind of like using a smart phone or a tablet—it’s easy and fun to use.

Sylvain Hébert, co-owner, Ferme G.H. Porcs Inc.

Program different production modes

With FarmQuest, you can also configure several interrelated parameters in the modes relevant to your farm. For example, you can program an “end of batch” mode to simultaneously address all parameters involved at this stage (stopping the feeders and fans, changing the temperature setpoint, etc.).