FarmQuest lets you assess the performance of production sites

Your farms’ performance is closely monitored since FarmQuest is connected to all your controllers. You have access to data from all your farms’ buildings on the same screen. You can see the results for all your farms at a glance, giving you more time to optimize them!

Current technical-economic reports and forecasts

FarmQuest gives you real-time access to the key information related to your farms’ performance. You can also set up a custom report on your performance to be emailed to you daily or monthly. Regardless of what type of farm you have, FarmQuest provides the information you need by connecting to the controllers you use at your sites.

Improve your performance with FarmQuest

With the performance reports generated for your farms, you can compare your production batches in real time or even compare your current batches with previous batches. This allows you to compare the impact of your buildings and their equipment on your farm’s production, giving you all the information you need to take the necessary corrective measures.

I’m sure I’ll see a quick return on my investment.

Sylvain Hébert, co-owner, Ferme G.H. Porcs Inc.