FarmQuest issues custom alerts by email and text message

These can be simple reminders to help you in managing your farms or more critical alerts, like a fire or an equipment breakdown. FarmQuest lets you configure the alerts you need.

“ We receive alerts telling us when consumption is too low or too high, or if it’s too hot in the building, and we’re able to fix the problem remotely. 

Charles-Éric Bouchard, owner, Ferme Gédéoeufs Inc.

Daily email to monitor your production

You can set up a custom email to be sent to you every morning containing data for your farm. You can also program alerts for specific parameters. For example, if your herd’s water and feed consumption isn’t following the set curve, you could be notified by a text message or email alert.

Set up reminders with FarmQuest

Depending on your type of herd or production, you can set up reminders for each task to be performed. For example, you could ask FarmQuest to remind you to administer vitamins or vaccines. You could also set up a reminder to adjust the lighting or change the feed phase, or to submit an inspection form.

FarmQuest alerts you to equipment breakdowns

If your farm equipment breaks down, FarmQuest will send you an alert. Then, because devices can be started or stopped remotely through the FarmQuest platform, in many cases you can limit the damage by acting quickly.