FarmQuest keeps your stakeholders up to date

The veterinarian, animal nutritionist, mill, and transport company are just some of the stakeholders you communicate with regularly. To keep them up to date on the area of your production that concerns them, you can program custom reports for each of them.

With FarmQuest, we can create different profiles for our stakeholders, for example, our agronomists or our employees, so they can access the farm’s data without necessarily being able to modify it.

Charles-Éric Bouchard, owner, Ferme Gédéoeufs Inc.

A profile for each stakeholder

With FarmQuest, you can create a user account for each of your farm’s stakeholders, allowing them to consult only the information they need.

Veterinarians and animal nutritionists can analyze technical data on the herd’s health and well‑being in order to make a specific diagnosis. With FarmQuest, they can consult up-to-date information on your farms, as well as past data stored in your history.

Slaughterhouses can track changes in herd weights and health. They can also know how many animals are ready for transfer, allowing them to precisely plan their shipping date.


The mill can see the amount of feed left in the silos and the types of feed they contain, allowing it to schedule regular grain deliveries to ensure the farm doesn’t run out or have to place a rush order.

Producers are in complete control of their farms with FarmQuest, which is customized to their needs. They can manage their farms remotely and access production data at any time.

Integrators can analyze data from all their production sites from the same screen. Once connected to FarmQuest, they can easily manage and compare all their sites for optimal performance.

Government agencies and various organizations receive the required inspection and food safety reports from FarmQuest, which they use to ensure your farm meets industry standards.