FarmQuest lets you turn your farm’s devices on and off

Manage your farm’s atmospheric conditions remotely

Certain types of production require tighter control of atmospheric conditions, such as lighting, ventilation, humidity, heating, etc. By connecting all your compatible devices, you can control stops and starts with FarmQuest, giving you the ability to manage your farm remotely at all times.

Fix mechanical problems remotely

The ability to turn devices on or off with FarmQuest allows you to fix certain problems remotely, or at least to limit the damage by acting quickly. You’ll receive an email or text message alert informing you if a problem is detected. You can then log on to the FarmQuest platform and resolve the problem quickly and remotely.

The other day, I had a defective temperature probe, which I was able to turn off remotely with FarmQuest.

Sylvain Hébert, co-owner, Ferme G.H. Porcs Inc.