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Update – FarmQuest Version 1.5

May 30, 2023 10:00 AM (Eastern Time)

This update will improve the efficiency and responsiveness of our system and help you save time on your reports.

Users will be able to enjoy an improved experience in managing alarms and warnings, allowing for better monitoring and quicker responses to potential issues.

This update is designed to strengthen the overall performance of our platform and ensure smoother operation for all users and owners of Monitrol controls

Security tab

Complete modification of the user interface of the security tab. This new format is easier to navigate for users with several controls. It would be ideal to familiarize yourself with the interface, as it is completely different from the one currently available.

All information in the security tab now uses Info objects. This means that it is possible to integrate any information related to alarms, warnings, and access-locks into reports. All this

information will be accessible via the web service.

For example, we can create a report that is generated weekly, displaying all the alarms that have occurred during the week for all controls belonging to the client. The same applies to building access.

Added alarm duration. This feature will be available only for alarms activated after the update.

Added an option to choose dashboards in relation to the alarm of a controller. At the time of the alarm the dashboards will be read and a link will be sent along with the alarm to consult them.

Added support for the management of several types of alarms for core100 and iTouch controllers (mainly for FarmGuard).

Added the current status of the alarm and/or warning (if it is in progress).

The user interface of the security tab

Alarm and warning management

Addition for feed predictions

Addition for feed predictions.

Added the amount of feed left by feed type.

Added the time and date when each type of feed will run out.

Added management of feed consumed between batches. For the pre-filling for young chicks, activate only for the type of chicken fattening farm.

Added an option to choose whether you want to consider the consumption per animal or the overall consumption from the history log.

Added the average weight of the animals and the day of rearing in the prediction object.


Feeding phases: addition of theoretical duration.

Added the ability to switch the webgate to which a controller is associated.

Speed optimization for displaying the long list of elements in reports.

Several other speed optimizations for displaying reports.

Transformation of all the diagnostic information of the iTouch-type controllers into an Info object, allowing reports to be made to detect potential problems more quickly.

Check out our added and redesigned icons

Site is working properly

Site disconnected from FarmQuest

Site with an alarm in progress

Site with a warning in progress

Site needs an update


Building section

Control without status

Control is working properly

Control disconnected from FarmQuest or disconnected from power source

Control in state of alarm

Control with warning in progress

Control needs update

Supervision on FarmQuest disabled

Relay Control alarm deactivated

Webgate working properly

Webgate disconnected from FarmQuest

Webgate with an Alarm in progress