Remote access to your controllers

With FarmQuest, you can connect to your Genius controllers from anywhere in the world that you have an Internet connection! The interactive FarmQuest tool makes managing their farm operations easier for hundreds of producers worldwide.

Manage your farm remotely by connecting to the interactive FarmQuest platform from a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

The biggest advantage is being able to manage my farm remotely

Charles-Éric Bouchard, owner, Ferme Gédéoeufs Inc.

Access your data at all times

With FarmQuest, you can access all of your controller’s parameters remotely, just like you were standing in front of it. FarmQuest gives you access to the data for all your farms exactly when you need it, and lets you coordinate with your various stakeholders. Managing your production has never been so easy!

Manage your farm without having to be there!

You can stop and start your machines directly from the platform. So, when a machine breaks down, you can often deal with it remotely, because FarmQuest will have notified you of the malfunction by email or text message. You can also access your monitoring systems and manage access to your buildings remotely.