Generate custom production reports

Simple, personalized reports

Depending on your needs, the reports generated by FarmQuest can include all the data compiled by your controllers, including animal weights, silo levels, water and feed consumption, mortality rate, temperature, humidity level, static pressure, lighting, number of eggs laid, and number of animals or eggs ready to be shipped. FarmQuest can generate a report on the facts that matter to you most!

Every day, I’m sent a report on what happened on all my farms the day before and even in the previous days.

Sylvain Hébert, co-owner, Ferme G.H. Porcs Inc.

Easily print your production reports

The custom reports sent by email are easy to print and are generated in a format compatible with standard printing paper (8.5 in. x 11 in.). You can either view your reports on screen or print paper copies. Regardless of the option you choose, all your data are compiled in your FarmQuest history for easy access at a later date.

A report for each farm’s stakeholder

As a producer, you can choose to send personalized reports to each of your farms’ stakeholders: mill, slaughterhouse, veterinarian, transport company, government agency, etc. FarmQuest communicates with stakeholders by sending email reports configured specifically for them.

I set up the system to automatically send my mill a daily email with the amount of feed left in my silos. I haven’t run out of feed since!

Sylvain Hébert, co-owner, Ferme G.H. Porcs Inc.