FarmQuest automatically fills out the required inspection forms

Since the system already knows your farms from top to bottom, FarmQuest is able to fill out the fields on government forms required by your industry. Regardless of your production type, FarmQuest can help you to fill out forms for several food safety programs. The data compiled by your Genius controller is automatically entered in the inspection reports (ACP, COSPOC, OFFSAP, CQA, CHEQ, etc.). If your Genius controller is used to its full potential, most of the information will be entered automatically. You just have to sign on the dotted line!

FarmQuest and animal well-being

Because animal well-being is becoming an increasingly important part of the breeding processes, there are more and more standards to meet and forms to fill out. FarmQuest saves you a lot of time spent on paperwork, freeing up your time to optimize breeding conditions on your farm!

Program reminders with FarmQuest

With the custom alerts in FarmQuest, you can schedule reminders for each individual program. You can choose to receive reminders by email or text message.