FarmQuest manages your farms’ production schedule

Plan your production batches

The FarmQuest management tool gives you an overview of your production schedule, allowing you to better plan for the coming year and making it easier to manage your production batches based on projected sales. FarmQuest can help you to determine and plan the ideal time for each stage of production.

For example, on a pig farm, it is possible to determine when the sows need to be inseminated based on the date when a new batch of piglets needs to enter into production in order to achieve sales targets. You’ll quickly realize that the FarmQuest production schedule is a key ally in the management of your farms.

Prepare your resources in advance

When the animals’ arrival is better planned, it’s easier to organize your farm accordingly. By knowing when your animals will be in production, you can contact all your stakeholders beforehand. You can also ordered your feed in advance if you know exactly when you’ll need it. The FarmQuest production schedule also allows you to prepare your buildings for each stage of production.

You can even plan your vacations!

The FarmQuest production schedule makes it easier for you to schedule your or your employees’ vacations. With a clearly established schedule, you can spread out your batches, thereby managing the workload during the periods affected by the absences.