FarmQuest compiles data from all your farms

All data collected by your Genius controllers are recorded and compiled by FarmQuest. You can have remote access to current or past data from your farm, allowing you to efficiently organize and analyze the data from all your buildings and batches.

Effectively analyze your production

To make your job easier, you can also program custom reports that present a summary according to the key parameters for your production. If you already use a report that is tailored to your farm, FarmQuest can also reproduce it.

Compare your production batches with FarmQuest

In addition to generating data in real time, FarmQuest can record your farm’s historical data over several years, allowing you to compare your current batches or to analyze your progress compared to previous batches. You can also prerecord batches for future planning. In short, FarmQuest helps you at every stage of your farm’s management.

Access all your farms from a single connection

By connecting to FarmQuest, you have access to all your farms from the same screen. You do not have to log off one farm to check data for another. All of your data are readily available and easily comparable.