Free with Monitrol controllers

If you already own a Monitrol controller (Genius, Agri-Console, or Varifan), you can obtain the FarmQuest management tool for free.

At no extra charge, you can connect FarmQuest to all your atmospheric, feed, weighing, access, and data acquisition controllers, monitoring systems, etc.

Production controllers compatible with FarmQuest

All Monitrol controllers can be connected to FarmQuest for free. Contact your representative to configure your FarmQuest account.

FarmQuest is free—there are no hidden fees!

Monitrol controllers

Genius, Agri-Console, and Varifan are controllers designed by Monitrol. In addition to being the most affordable controllers on the market, they are the ones most commonly used on farms around the world.

Feel free to contact a Monitrol representative for more information about these controllers.

[email protected]
(450) 641-4810